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Success Story Interview: A financial planner uses webinars to showcase his investment tools

Independent Financial Consultant Mike Heroux

Mike Heroux created a tool to help investors navigate their financial futures: Dividend Stocks Rock. He uses webinars to build trust in his brand and his solution.

What's your mission?

We help investors achieve better portfolio performance with less stress. Dividend Stocks Rock helps investors gain confidence in their transactions and make smarter decisions. 

How did you get started?

I used to work in the financial industry. I started DSR in 2013 as a side business, born from my passion for the stock market.

It remained a side project until I took a sabbatical in 2016, traveling across North and Central America with my family in an RV. This is when I decided to quit my job and work full time on DSR.

How have webinars helped build your brand?

Investing is all about confidence. People won't just trust bloggers or financial writers; it could take years for a reader to trust an investing service enough to subscribe.

When I started to work full time on DSR in 2017, one of the first things I did was a webinar. I saw the impact in sales right away.

Webinars are a great tool to show investors how I use DSR to manage my own portfolio. It's a great way to first reach out to new investors and people who don't know about our service, and it's the best way to build trust.

Today, I host about 1-2 webinars per month, as well as private webinars for clients only, to solidify the relationships. 

What's your favorite thing about WebinarNinja?

It takes a few minutes to set up everything, each time I want to create a new webinar. I can easily save my templates (for registration and follow-up emails) and use them for new webinars. 

What's your ultimate goal?

We're already helping over 1,000 investors manage their portfolios. I'd like to help tens of thousands.

Where can people find out about your next webinar?

Check out The Dividend Guy Blog at I'm also active on Twitter (@TheDividendGuy)

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