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Your Free Webinar Platform

Start teaching, sharing, and coaching the easy way.
By Omar
Dec 2, 2021
~ 3 min read
Free Webinar Software

How will people hear you?

If you have something to share — to teach — that's the first question to ask. 

Writing a book was the answer. Then came the radio and TV. Then blogs and social media. 

Each new platform included more people, more voices. Finding your audience and being heard got a little easier with each innovation. 

Then came webinars. They still had their hangups and barriers to entry. Technical know-how, time, money; these things are always hurdles to being heard.

That’s why we created WebinarNinja: to take down the hurdles. Now, it’s time to take another step in that direction — by letting you get started for free.

Now, WebinarNinja offers a free plan, for anyone who wants to give it a try

For exactly $0, you can now host 20-minute live webinars, with a maximum of 10 attendees.

There’s no credit card required and no time limit. it’s just a stripped-down version of our platform that you can use for as long as you like, at no cost. 

Why A Free Plan?

When we first pivoted our business to create a super-easy webinar platform, we made a promise. 

We committed to accessibility, first and foremost. We committed to making everyone’s voice able to be heard. If we made it possible — if we made it easier — well, that'd be a great way to make a living for ourselves. So we built an “anyone can do it” webinar platform. 

Every year, we reinvested revenue into making it simpler to host webinars, and to make money from it. We stripped down the interface, we connected tools like email automation and payment processing to the platform. 

Now we’re knocking down one more big obstacle: the fear of losing money on something you’re not sure about. 

The transition to a “freemium” model is the next logical step in the evolution of WebinarNinja. 

We give away the basic tool, and empower people to get to Step 1: being comfortable hosting webinars. Seeing the power of WebinarNinja for yourself. Realizing how far you can really go.

New Plans & Pricing Structure

We rethought our plans and pricing with one goal in mind: let people customize WebinarNinja for their needs and budget.

In other words, it’s a little more a la carte. Lean startups and independent creators can spend what they want to get the bare minimum — whatever that is for each business — and build on it from there. 

If your audience is bigger, choose a higher attendee capacity. 

If your team is bigger, choose something with more presenters.

If your lessons or presentations are more in-depth, add longer durations. Or make sure to have Series and Hybrid webinars. 

...and if you just want to learn how to host webinars, or simply confirm that our platform is the right one for you, take the free plan — compliments of WebinarNinja.

Wherever your business is, you can get the most boom for your buck. The features and capacities you need are there, but only if you need them, only if they’re an investment that makes sense. 

This is how we empower you. As of today, you have literally nothing to lose by getting started with WebinarNinja.

With our new setup, we’re doing the one thing we always wanted WebinarNinja to do for online marketing, teaching, and selling: level the playing field.

To wit, we broke our plans down into 3 categories (details are on our pricing page):

  • Free
  • Pro
  • Business

For both of the paid plans (Pro and Business) the price varies based on what you need in terms of audience size (the Free Plan has a max of 10 attendees). 

As for features, the Free Plan is for what we’ll call MVW: Minimum Viable Webinars. You get everything you need to create, promote, and host small live webinars until your business grows and your needs change.  

The Pro Plan includes everything that the vast majority of our customers use, while the Business Plan has some extras that mostly bigger operations need. 

That’s it!

Head to our pricing page, and you’ll see how to find the WebinarNinja plan that works for you. And if you’re not sure about our platform — or about webinars in general — start at the beginning. Sign up for a 100% free plan, run some webinars, and see just how empowering it is. 

If you’ve never taken the (virtual) stage before, this is the best way to get started. 

If you’re not completely, crazily, “Hell Yeah This Is Awesome” in love with your current webinar platform, this is the best way to try an alternative. I’m betting that once you do, you’ll become a Ninja for life. 

But there’s only one way to find out.

Try our Free Plan Now

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