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WebinarNinja’s All New Automated Webinars

Let pre-recorded content do the marketing for you.
By Omar
Oct 31, 2019
~ 3 min read
WebinarNinja’s All New Automated Webinars

The Ninjas have spoken. And we have heard you.

Based on user feedback, we recently rolled out some clutch new features for our automated webinars. This newly granted wish list of tools and functions makes automated webinars even more effective at converting attendees into customers.

With these new features, you’ll be able to upload more content, more easily. Most importantly, you’ll be able to maximize conversions by making your automated webinar available whenever people want to see it, 24/7, 365 if you like.

You’ll have complete control over when people can attend your automated webinar. Let’s take a closer look…

“Watch Now” Webinars On Demand

That’s right. Now you can give your audience the option of attending your webinar the second they register. You wrote the blog, you sent the emails, you tweeted and ‘booked and ‘grammed; you did all the marketing you needed to in order to get registrants.

Now, you can increase the number of registrants who actually attend!

With the “Watch Now” option, you can take advantage of the momentum you created in bringing people to the registration page. Of course, they don’t have to watch your webinar immediately. You’ll still be able to schedule automated webinars at a time of your choosing.

You can even do both: allow registrants to watch the webinar immediately, or choose a designated time in the future.

It’s a win-win, for you and your potential customer.

Multiple View Times (As Many as You Like)

Hooray! You are no longer limited to one automated webinar per day. In addition to the “Watch Now” option, you can schedule your webinar for multiple times in a single day — all day if you prefer.

With this feature, you can gather leads and sales while you’re sleeping, at the gym, shearing the alpaca, whatever!

Schedule as few or as many times as you’d like, and take full advantage of the convenience of automated webinars. You can also “block out” dates, like holidays, so people can’t attend the webinar on those dates. You’re in control!

Customized Registration Page Dates & Times

All this freedom to make your automated webinars available whenever you think is best doesn’t have to confuse your audience. With this update, you can customize your registration page to show only the dates and times you want people to see, using a convenient drop-down menu:

You’ll be able to choose how many available dates actually show up on the registration page — for a cleaner look, or just to have more control over who signs up for which times.

Upload Videos Straight From Your Files

Previously, our Ninjas could only upload two kinds of videos: replays of their previous WebinarNinja live webinar replays, or YouTube hosted videos. Now, we’re cutting out the middlepeople.

You can upload a video directly from your own drive, right into WebinarNinja.

Your uploaded videos will then be available in your Media Library for easy access. No more pre-sharing to YouTube, and no more awkwardly using live webinar footage for an automated webinar. Now you can record your own video specifically for automation, and load it right into your favorite webinar platform (that’s us).

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