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How to Become a Business Coach
Have business experience? Someone, somewhere could really use your help.  If you're willing to share what you know — even[...]
My Checklist for Hosting a Webinar
I’ve hosted hundreds of webinars (no surprise there). And mostly, they don’t suck! Some have been more successful than others.[...]
How to Wow Your Webinar Attendees With Canva Presentations
On webinars, visuals matter as much as words. Those of us who aren’t graphic designers need easy ways to communicate[...]
Easy Webinars: 8 Simple Hacks for Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs
We get it. Running a business is hard enough. Marketing and sales is hard enough. And webinars seem like…work. You[...]
How to Get (Good) Clients to Coach Online
You have the skills to coach online. You just need the clients. Or more of them, anyway. You have the knowledge to[...]
The Best Webinar Platform for You
Cards, meet table. There are dozens of webinar platforms. And too many (sponsored) blog posts about which is the best[...]
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