The Automated Webinar Challenge: 3 Takeaways

We taught our users how to automate their webinars. We learned a few things ourselves.

We had a problem.

While there’s no replacement for live webinars, the extra conversions from replays showed huge potential for non-live presentations. The extra reach was undeniable; automated webinars were the Next Big Thing in webinar marketing. 

But people didn’t know how to optimize their webinars for automation. 

Too many webinar hosts were just repackaging live webinar recordings, or worse, staging pre-recorded webinars to look like live presentations. This wasn’t “automation.” Folks were clinging to a live webinar mindset, and missing out on the actual benefits of automation.

To make sure our users got results, we had to offer more than an automated webinar option in the WebinarNinja platform. We had to offer education on how to automate for maximum conversion.

So we leaned into the problem. We wrote blog posts and hosted free workshops. We threw advice around to anyone who would listen. Finally, we pulled out all the stops for those who were willing to invest the necessary time and effort to learn how to automate effectively.

We created the 30 Day Automated Webinar Challenge.

We walked users through the entire process of creating, optimizing, promoting, and converting with truly automated webinars. Not replays, not fake live webinars, but pre-recorded webinars built from the ground up to generate genuine leads and sales — around the clock.

After two rounds of the Challenge, here's what we've learned.

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Invest in Skills

30 Day Automated Webinar Challenge
“Steam is coming out of my ears.”

That’s how one of our Challenge students put it, as an infusion of new information was introduced and put into practice. This is what learning can feel like! But that’s the difference between those who invest in themselves and those who don’t.

The biggest trap coaches, trainers, and other entrepreneurs fall into is thinking that expertise in their industry is the only requirement. Maybe you know a ton about fitness or coding or raising chickens, but to make it as an independent business, you have to learn other skills.

And that requires an investment.

Webinar automation is a skill, not just a tactic. The knowledge and practice required to craft an automated webinar that actually converts doesn’t just fall out of the sky. Our Challenge students took the initiative and committed to a learning process. They invested time, effort, and money into a new ability.

It became clear pretty quickly that these investments brought returns.

“Although it’s only been 5 hours since launch, I’ve had 121 registrations, 28 views, and added 2 new members…”

Moments like the one reflected in that quote are the payoff for professional development. Or, as the same user put it in a different thread:

“Feel like I accomplished something major!”

Yes. Yes you did.

It Helps to Have a Group

The Automated Webinar Challenge came with a lot of resources: daily videos, “homework” assignments, SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) docs, and more. But one of the most surprisingly powerful resources was the mutual support students found in the Facebook group. 

“Do you have any feedback…?”

Versions of this question came up a lot, as Challenge students ran their offers, videos, and copy by the group. Something about not being the only person who’s new to something makes a huge difference in our ability to learn and grow. 

It was truly heartening to see members reach out to us and each other for support.

“I’m really excited for everyone making tremendous progress…will do my best to catch up everyone!”

Nothing inspires action like accountability. Besides spurring each other on, our Challenge students challenged themselves to make the most of the course. For me, it was moving to see students post — publicly — when they fell behind in the lessons or didn’t get around to some of the “homework.” Telling the group was the first step to getting back on track.

That’s entrepreneurship at its best: daring yourself to do better, and leaning on the friends you find along the way to keep you honest.

Consistency Is Clutch

Automated Webinar Lessons

The 30 Day Automated Webinar Challenge includes — wait for it — 30 days worth of lessons and activities. But we understood that not everyone’s schedule is consistent, and that a little “wiggle room” in terms of the pace was necessary. 

“Although I might be delayed, I will ensure I finish on time no matter how late in the day."

Even when students had to pause, catch up, or restart, consistency carried the day. The best results we saw came from the students who prioritized the Challenge during the 30 day period, and made sure to meet daily and weekly benchmarks — even if there were “hiccups” along the way.

“This has been an awesome experience and I would not have been able to complete automated webinars without this 30 day challenge.”

Growth as an independent business person doesn’t just mean working “hard” in some vague sense, or burning yourself out. It means applying a consistent, sustainable effort over time to get a result. 

That’s why we designed a 30 day course: it’s achievable and attainable. But those 30 days pay dividends way after the Challenge is over. As tickled as I was to see the immediate results of the Challenge, I’m even more excited to see how the “evergreen” automated webinars our students created continue to generate growth, month after month and year after year.

This is just the beginning.

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