Meet The Team

Our team spans over 9 cities around the world. 

We are proud to introduce to you our webinar ninjas.

Omar Zenhom

Co-Founder & CEO

Nicole Baldinu

Co-Founder & COO

CJ Maratas

Customer Support Manager

Taylor Dondich


Anna Radam

 Senior Lead Support Ninja

Josh Dewald

Software Engineer

Conor O'Grady

Content Creative

Irina Palichorova

UX/UI Designer

Rafael Aguirre

Support Ninja

James Wright

Software Engineer

Carl Magbanua

Audio & Video Creative

Evgeny Alisyonok

Software Engineer

Nick Law

Accounting & Finance

Don Sadic

Support Ninja

Marc Albay

Support Ninja

Romina Rodriguez

Executive Assistant

Alexey Kalachik

Software Engineer

Irena Zagar

Marketing Specialist

Michael Krasnoslobodtsev 

Software Engineer

Orly Senente

Support Ninja