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About WebinarNinja

We're an independent business, helping your independent business grow. 

Your Value, Your Independence

We believe the best way to grow your business is to share your genuine value. By offering helpful webinar workshops and lessons, you can earn the authority and credibility that define a trusted brand. 

Entrepreneurship is about independence. If you can build a business on the strength of your own unique experience and expertise, you can choose what life and work should look like for you.

We're here to help with that.
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The WebinarNinja Way

As a self-funded, independent company, we have the luxury of sticking to a few key values.

Users First

Our platform's first job is to get out of your way, so you can shine. Whatever makes your webinars easier is what we do, from design to support.

Teach, Don't Sell

We believe marketing and sales works best as an educational process. Share knowledge, earn trust, and teach your way to success.

Transparency Wins

There's enough marketing BS on the Internet aimed at short-term results. We say value speaks for itself, and honesty has the best long-term ROI.

Work Shouldn't Suck

From a 2-person project to a global remote team of dozens, WebinarNinja is built on the trust we have in our people, and their devotion to our users.
Omar & Nicole

How WebinarNinja Happened

Omar and Nicole were teachers before they were entrepreneurs. They built WebinarNinja on the notion that sharing valuable experience and insight — in other words, teaching — is the best way to build the trust that drives business. 

After dropping out of Wharton business school, Omar resolved to find better ways to share his expertise and help other entrepreneurs in a practical, effective way. Together, he and Nicole began hosting webinars on entrepreneurship and small business, using homemade software. 

The commercial webinar options at the time were just too clunky, too difficult, or too...ugly. When people started commenting on the quality of their webinars, Omar and Nicole realized the best way to empower other entrepreneurs was to give them a better platform!

They put a team together, to expand on that original DIY webinar platform and create the most user-friendly webinar solution on the planet. WebinarNinja was the result. 

Meet The Team

Our kick-ass team of designers, developers, creatives, and support professionals operates totally remotely in cities around the globe. From North America to Europe, Australia to Asia, our Ninjas are here for you.

Omar Zenhom

Co-Founder & CEO

Nicole Baldinu

Co-Founder & COO

Giuseppe Basciu


CJ Maratas

Customer Support Manager

Conor O'Grady

Content Creative

Djelita Djaja

Bookkeeping Ninja

Cyndi Amila

Marketing Administrator

Jonathan Samuel


Carl Magbanua

Audio & Video Creative

Evgeny Alisyonok

Front-End Engineer

Don Sadic

Support Ninja

Anna Radam

Training & Support Manager
Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee

Community Manager & Customer Success

Marc Albay

Support Ninja

Romina Rodriguez

Executive Assistant

Our Company Culture

We are a committed, mutually supportive team of professionals trusted to bring our "A" game to the mission of empowering WebinarNinja users.  
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