What Is WebinarNinja?

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WebinarNinja is a SaaS product that is popularly rated as the best webinar software for coaches, trainers, consultants, and businesses. WebinarNinja helps you use webinars and live courses to teach online, improve marketing, and grow sales. Delightfully easy and all-in-one. It helps you grow your business by sharing your knowledge via interactive webinars. With its intuitive interface, integrated live courses, built-in engagement tools (like chat, polls, quizzes, handouts, and offers), and powerful integrations, WebinarNinja simplifies the entire webinar journey, from planning to delivery while providing valuable insights into audience interactions.

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Webinars Delivered
3+ Million

Webinars Delivered

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10+ Million

Leads Captured

The WebinarNinja Way

Delightful webinar software backed by awesome human support
Delightfully Easy
Delightfully Easy

Our platform’s job is to get out of your way, so you can shine. Whatever makes your webinars easier is what we do, from design to support.

Teach, Don’t Sell
Teach, Don’t Sell

We believe marketing and sales work best as an educational process. Share knowledge, earn trust, and teach your way to success.

All-in-One Webinar Software
All-in-One Webinar Software

WebinarNinja is the only software you need to run effective webinars. From live coaching to email automation, the platform does it all.

Awesome Human Support
Awesome Human Support

We’re building a 100-year company with 24/7 awesome human support and reliable infrastructure. Join 4 million+ delighted users!

Sameer Bhatia
I hate customer satisfaction. Satisfaction sets a low bar. People should be DELIGHTED when they use WebinarNinja.
-Sameer Bhatia, CEO, ProProfs WebinarNinja

How WebinarNinja Happened

How WebinarNinja Happened

Omar and Nicole were teachers before they were entrepreneurs. They built WebinarNinja on the notion that sharing valuable experience and insight — in other words, teaching — is the best way to build the trust that drives business.

After dropping out of Wharton Business School, Omar resolved to find better ways to share his expertise and help other entrepreneurs in a practical and effective way. He and Nicole began hosting webinars on entrepreneurship and small businesses using homemade software.

The commercial webinar options at the time were just too clunky, too difficult, or too...ugly. When people started commenting on the quality of their webinars, Omar and Nicole realized the best way to empower other entrepreneurs was to give them a better platform!

They put a team together to expand on that original DIY webinar platform and create the most user-friendly webinar solution on the planet. WebinarNinja was the result.

In 2024, ProProfs announced that it acquired WebinarNinja and proudly gave it its “forever home” as part of ProProfs family of learning, training & collaboration tools. ProProfs continues to work on the mission of building the best-in-class webinar software backed by awesome human support that helps teach and grow business.

The History of WebinarNinja


WebinarNinja was founded by Omar Zenhom and Nicole Baldinu in 2014. They aimed to create the most user-friendly webinar solution that overcame the limitations of existing commercial webinar options.


WebinarNinja launched Automated Webinars. This redefined the very essence of hosting webinars, enabling hosts to deliver pre-recorded sessions that captivate and educate audiences with minimal manual intervention.


WebinarNinja launched Series and Hybrid Webinars. With Series webinars, creators can craft engaging multi-lesson webinar series, providing an in-depth educational journey. Hybrid webinars blend the energy of live presentations with the convenience of automated ones, giving hosts the flexibility to interact with attendees in real-time while effortlessly delivering pre-recorded content.


WebinarNinja launched Paid Webinars, empowering creators to monetize their expertise. Paid webinars eliminate the hassle of managing separate payment gateways or cumbersome registration processes. Creators can focus their energy on what they do best: crafting insightful, engaging, and informative webinars that provide genuine value to their audience.


WebinarNinja launched NinjaTown – a place to offer best in class content, resources, tips & community for those using webinars to teach & grow their business. It is a collaborative hub where members can exchange ideas, share insights, access valuable resources, participate in engaging discussions, and stay updated on the latest trends.


WebinarNinja introduced CourseNinja in 2022, which helps create and sell live courses that record and save automatically in students’ portals. It provides a user-friendly interface, customizable templates, and robust tools to streamline the course creation process, making it an ideal solution for educators and trainers.


ProProfs announced in January 2024 that it acquired WebinarNinja and proudly gave it a “forever home” as part of the ProProfs family of learning & collaboration tools. This acquisition adds tremendous value to ProProfs learning & collaboration tools, including ProProfs Training Maker and ProProfs Quiz Maker, and further enables ProProfs’ ability to power live & on-demand learning along with business growth.

WebinarNinja + ProProfs = Delightfully Smart

Software that makes you happy

At ProProfs, we believe that software should make you happy. We are driven to create delightfully smart software with awesome support so that you can work better, get smarter employees, and create happier customers. ProProfs hosts more than 1,000,000 pages of content in 70+ languages and is a leading platform for online training and assessment with the world's largest library of professional tests & quizzes. ProProfs products include Training Maker, Quiz Maker, and more.

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