The all-in-one webinar solution
you've been looking for.

Create a webinar in 10 seconds flat.

WebinarNinja does all the work for you. No more going through a long-winded, 10-step process. With WebinarNinja, you can create your webinar in seconds, get on with your day and start getting sign-ups for your webinar immediately.

Our platform of choice is WebinarNinja. It's what we use to host all of our live webinars and demos. It’s easy to use and comes loaded with a ton of marketing materials, like sign-up and thank you pages, out of the box.
CEO & Founder, Spencer Fry

Run Live, Automated, Hybrid
and Series Webinars

Why deal with the hassles of several different webinar software? Get it all with one 

platform, with one account. Any webinar can be live or recorded, paid or free.


Broadcasted live by the host

Present live and interact with your audience.


Runs automatically on auto-pilot

Recorded webinars offered on certain times or on-demand.


A group of several webinars

Run multiple sessions- courses, workshops, summits 


Recorded video + live host

Combine the interaction of live with the convenience of recorded video.

Live Webinars

Upload Slides

Upload your PowerPoint slides & display them without sharing screen.

Q&A Area

A dedicated Q&A area so questions are easy to find and not lost in the chat.


Run multiple polls before, during or even after your webinar on your replays. See results instantly. 

Insert Video

Insert a video during a live webinar at anytime.

Share Screen

Show them, don’t tell them. Share your screen or any application instantly.


A lightning fast chat with zero latency. All chat data is saved. Plus emojis 😀


Create multiple offers and display them on demand or time them to show at any given time.

Block/Ban Attendees

Ban an attendee, before, during or after a webinar.

Automated Webinars

Upload Your Own Videos

Upload your own videos straight into your account. No Hassles. We’ll host them for you.

On-Demand Webinars

Offer your webinar as an on-demand event.

Next Available Rules

Choose how many next dates and times you’d like to show on your registration page.

Choose How Often

Offer your automated webinar every week, every day, even multiple times a day. 

Blackout Dates

Block out certain dates.

Timed Offers

Create multiple offers and display them at any given time during your webinar.
webinar automation

Email Notifications & Automations

Automatically send confirmation & reminder emails to your registrants with all the info. Edit emails to add a personal touch and save them as default. Send follow-up emails to attendees & non-attendees. Send it as a 1-time campaign or drip campaign. 

I used to hate running webinars because of how long they took to setup and integrate with landing pages and my CRM. Since switching to WebinarNinja I now spend minutes rather than hours setting up webinars and the professional looking landing pages and email auto-responder sequences that go with them.
Founder, Loren Bartley

Keep all your marketing assets in our Media Library

Keep all your images, templates, logos, replays, uploaded videos and more all in one place. Easily use them when creating your webinar events,  registration pages, thank you pages and more.

Webinar Ninja has thought of everything I would need to successfully create a webinar. Preparing content and marketing a webinar is tough enough so working with an intuitive, easy-to-use all-in-one platform is a huge relief.
President, Zev Asch

Custom registration and thank you pages that convert.

Use one of our tested, high converting registration and thank you page templates. Customize it and make it your own. No coding or extra software needed. Use our live Page Builder editor and add your own logo, images and videos. Best of all, you can save your templates in your template gallery to reuse when needed.

 • Use your logo

• Use your own images

• Customize your colors

• Create your own templates

 • Insert video

• Add to Calendar feature 

• Social sharing

• Choose fonts

I love WebinarNinja! It let's me quickly set up a schedule for webinars and then gives me a link to send out for people to use to sign up. There are lots of features like evergreen webinars, replays, paid webinars that are just as good if not better than some of the higher priced options.
President, Phil Sherwood


Get important insights on how well all your webinars are going. Measure conversion and attendance rates. Track retention rates and offer clicks as well.

Export your registrant data, chat, questions and polls with one click. 





My best software discovery of the year! WebinarNinja allows me to connect with my clients on a weekly basis in the best way possible. So easy to use. Love the option to duplicate webinars, have webinar participants post questions separately from the chat and show participants which specific question I am answering in the webinar.
Founder, Miro Peters

Collect more info with our Custom Registration Form.

We’ve made it easy to gather data when people sign up for your webinar. Want their phone number? Industry? Age? Shoe size? Favorite member of NSYNC (as if there’s any answer that isn’t JT)?

Add the fields you want, and make them required or not — it’s up to you.


• Works with Free & Paid Webinars

• Re-order fields

• Save custom forms as default

• Fields get added to your on-site form

 • Export your data to CSV

• Make fields required or not 

• See collected info in your stats page

• Works with all webinar types

In 2015, I ran my first webinar with WebinarNinja. That webinar allowed me to get my FIRST 100 CUSTOMERS and launched my Recipe for SEO Success business!

Recipe for SEO Success
Founder, Kate Toon


We work well with others! Integrate with ConvertKit, AWeber, Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, HubSpot, Drip, MailChimp, LeadPages, Squarespace, ClickFunnels and more, natively. Integrate with over 1000 more apps with Zapier

The WebinarNinja Academy

The WebinarNinja Academy is the “Netflix of webinars,” giving you on-demand access to webinar training topics ranging from sales & marketing to content creation & engagement techniques.

Keep up to date with the best practices in the industry with exclusive content available only for WebinarNinja members.

Best. Webinar. Platform. WebinarNinja's user-friendly interface allows beginners to create their first webinar in just minutes!
Founder, Mercedes Eckert

Get more attendees with our built-in marketing

With one click, your webinar is a part of the most powerful webinar search engine in the world- The Webinar Finder. Attendees can find your webinar by searching for your webinar’s keywords or category. It’s even optimized so they can find you through a Google search! 

Get last minute signups with our front page Starting Soon feature. 

You can also make your webinars private and not be listed on the Webinar Finder. It’s up to you.




 ↑  17.9%

It's "stupid simple" to use! I use WebinarNinja to present free webinars to build awareness for our firm, position us as subject matter experts and generate sales leads. We also use it to present paid online workshops and events. WebinarNinja has been great for both! Setting up and getting going truly can not be any easier or faster. They've made it really easy.
Harpeth Marketing
Founder, Steve Henke

More Features

Supports All Devices

Attend on any computer, phone or tablet. Mac, Windows, Chrome Book, Android or iOS. We got you covered.

Nothing to Download

You and your attendees do not need to download anything to run or attend webinars. All you need is a web browser. Happy attendees & happy hosts.

GDPR Compliant

We are GDPR compliant. With our GDPR feature, it’s easy to get your registrants’ consent.

Zero Delay Webinars

With our Web RTC technology, your attendees can see and hear you in real time and can engage at a with no awkward delay.

Replay Recording & Archiving

All your webinars are recorded and saved automatically. Download your replay recordings as mp4 files. Use your recordings as an automated webinar.

Paid Webinars

In just a few clicks you can accept payments for your paid webinars with our Stripe integration. We charge no transaction fees.

Share Your Webinar

Share your webinar directly on popular social platforms or grab the registration link and share it anywhere you like.

Private Webinars

Choose to keep your webinars private. Your webinar will not be found on the web. Only registrants can attend via a special link that only works for them.

Responsive, Human Support

Chat or email our amazing support ninjas no matter where or when. Friendly humans with real answers.

Thank You Page Redirect

Use WebinarNinja’s built-in thank you page or forward registrants to you own custom thank you page on your own site if you wish.

Add to Calendar

You can never have too many reminders. Our built-in Add to Calendar feature allows registrants to add your webinar to their Google, iCal, Yahoo, or Outlook calendars.

Export Data

Export your recordings, chat, polls, questions, registrant info and more and analyze them in greater detail.

Branded URL

Every account gets a custom, branded URL. Show off your brand with a URL for all your webinars.

Hide Attendees

Choose to hide how many attendees are on your webinar.

Replay Options

Choose to have replay that expires after a certain number of days, no expiration or no replay at all.

Time-zone conversions

Registrants can click a link on your registration page and immediately convert the page in their local time & date.

Help & Training

Helpful tutorials and support to get you started. Chat with our team and get a personalized walk-through.

Ban Attendees

Ban an attendee before, during or after a webinar is over. Trolls be gone!

Automated Co-Host Emails

Have co-hosts? We automatically send them an email with how to join the webinar. Personalize these emails & track if they’ve accepted your invite.

Registration Notifications

Choose to get an email notification every time some registers for your webinar.

On-Site Registration

Embed your own custom registration form on your own website or landing page.

Start your free 14-day trial.