Create Extended Webinar Series for In-Depth Coaching & Training

Multi-lesson Series

Teach & share even more with in-depth Series webinars.
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Offer more

Can’t fit everything into one session? Not a problem. Set up a Series, and attendees can register with a one-time signup for extended, in-depth content over days, weeks, or months. Perfect for paid webinars!
Series, summits and multi-day events
Paid Series webinars

Give in-depth training

Through a Series, you can offer complete training and certification packages. Present high-impact, high-value education that delivers real results — for you /and/your attendees. 

Sell what you know

With paid Series webinars, your expertise is up for sale. Create multi-session learning experiences worth charging for, and collect payment instantly through our one-time registration process.
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Trusted by successful businesses.

From SaaS to coaching, digital to physical, we've helped businesses reach their target audience -- and their biggest goals.

Engagement tools

WIth so many ways to bring your audience into the conversation, you won’t just have attendees. You’ll have participants. Engaged, excited potential clients will do more than listen — they’ll take action.

Segmented Chat

Chat publicly with the whole audience, privately with individual attendees, or privately with co-hosts, attendee presenters, and other admins — all in one easy-to-navigate menu.

Interactive Questions

Attendees can submit questions, and upvote the most relevant ones. Hosts can designate any comment as a question, and timestamp their answer for easy reference during replays.


Easily create polls, and choose how to share the results live. Gather instant snapshots of your audience’s opinions, and save polls for instant use in future webinars.

Pay at Registration

Our Stripe integration lets registrants pay for webinars easily and instantly, right from your custom registration page. Less friction = more sales. 
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Charge for your webinars with paid webinars


Don't take our word for it! 

Actually, you can take our word for it. But take their word for it, too:
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Smooth sailing for 4 years now, looking forward to future updates."

Yolanda H.
Marketing Consultant
Webinar Ninja allows even tech-challenged me to create webinars.”
Allura A.
Health & Wellness Professional

More Features

Supports All Devices

Attend on any browser, computer, phone or tablet.

Works Everywhere

Works on Windows/ Apple/ Google/ Android iOS. No software to download!

GDPR Compliant

Our software is fully compliant with international privacy laws and regulations.

Share Webinar

Let your registrants help you promote by easily sharing your webinar on social media and other channels.

Add To Calendar

Increase attendance rates. Our landing pages integrate with popular Calendar tools (like Google calendar) so registrants don't forget.

Thank You Page Redirect

Send registrants to your own website or a URL of your choosing, immediately after signup.

Frequently asked questions

Does WebinarNinja need to be hosted on my site?
Nope! We host everything for you, at no extra cost.
How many webinars can I run?
All of them! WebinarNinja lets you to run unlimited webinars.
Do I need to install any software on my computer?
Heavens, no. WebinarNinja works on any web browser on any computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.
Do I need to host my own recorded videos?
Nope! You can upload your videos directly to WebinarNinja, and we'll store and host them for you. You can also use YouTube videos.
How can I pay?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and 40-inch burlap sacks filled with gold doubloons. 
Does WebinarNinja offer money back guarantee?
With WebinarNinja, there is no need for one. Every new member, on any plan, gets a free 14-day trial. You pay nothing when you sign up and you get to enjoy WebinarNinja for 14 days. Love it? Just stick around, you'll only be charged for your chosen plan after your trial period is up. And of course you can cancel anytime.
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