Frequently Asked Questions

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What is WebinarNinja?

WebinarNinja makes it easy for you to run professional webinars without the headaches. You can teach, sell, offer a demo, run a Q&A session and virtual event - all with WebinarNinja.


Are your prices in USD?

Yes, our prices are in US Dollars. You will need a Credit Card to sign up for the free trial.


How much is WebinarNinja?

We're extremely competitively priced - promise ūüôā You can learn all about our plans & pricing at our pricing page.


What makes WebinarNinja different?

WebinarNinja is really easy to use - users tell us that all the time! We are browser-based so you and your attendees don't need to download any software.

We allow you to create and run any kind of webinar without any confusion for you or your attendees. For a detailed list of how WebinarNinja is different from other webinar solutions, visit our Features Page.


How do I get access to WebinarNinja?

Become a WebinarNinja Member here.


Does WebinarNinja work on mobile devices?

Yes! Attendees can attend webinars on WebinarNinja on mobile devices, both Android and iOS.


Can I run Paid Webinars?

Yes! You can make your webinars free or paid! All you do is integrate with Stripe and you can charge your customers in all the currencies that work with Stripe. You handle all the money, we don't take a fee. You only pay the small Stripe fee.


Do you offer Automated or Evergreen Webinars?

Yes! We include Automated Webinars (aka Evergreen Webinars) with all our plans. Offer a recorded webinar at any pre-prescribed day, time and frequency. For example: offer your recorded webinar every Monday and Friday at 8am for 4 weeks.

Create an Automated webinar with any previous live webinar or any external video file. WebinarNinja allows interactivity with Automated webinars, allowing users to ask questions, answer polls and click on timed offers.


Can I run a Virtual Event?

Yes! We have an awesome feature - Series Webinar. No other webinar platform offers this all-in-one solution. You can host multiple sessions (free or paid) over one day or over a number of days. Have people sign up for the event via a single registration page - easy!


I have a course I want to teach and sell - is this good for me?

While we are not a course platform  like our awesome friends over at Podia for example, you can deliver your course on WebinarNinja - many of our users are course creators! You can deliver your course live or you can create a Series webinar and have multiple sessions scheduled. You can charge for your live, series webinars too.


How many hosts can I have?

On every plan you can have up to 4 hosts presenting on mic and camera. Very soon we will be increasing this number ūüôā


Do I get a recording of my live webinar? Do you charge me to store that recording?

Yes and No! Your live webinars are recorded automatically and saved inside your account. You can download them anytime. We don't charge you to store them inside of WebinarNinja. A webinar replay is automatically offered to your attendees if you like.


Can I embed the webinar on my own site?

You get a custom URL (with your name/brandname). We host the webinars for you so that you don't have to worry about security, stability and making sure your webinar doesn't crash.


Can I see all the people attending my webinar? 

You won't be able to see your attendees, only your co-hosts (and you can have 3 co-hosts with you). But your attendees will be able to chat, ask you questions in a separate questions area and also answer any Polls you launch.


Can I hide how many people are on the webinar?

Yes! You can hide the number of attendees if you wish.


Will I need to host my webinars on my site?

No, you won't need to worry about hosting. We are fully-managed and hosted by a high-performance cloud hosting service that automatically scales as your webinars grow in size. All WebinarNinja members are provided with a personally branded URL for their business or brand where all their webinars will be held, i.e.


Whats the difference between live attendees and registrants - is there a limit?

Each plan has a limit to the number of live attendees (from 100 on the Starter Plan - to 1,000 on the Power Plan) but there is NO LIMIT to the number of registrants who can register for your webinar and who can access the Replay. Cool!


Can I run paid webinars?

Yes. WebinarNinja allows you to offer free or paid webinars for any of our webinar types with our simple Stripe integration.


Does WebinarNinja have a built-in chat feature?

WebinarNinja gives you everything you need. Our built-in, lightning-fast, intuitive chat ensures that you and your audience can interact with ease. Hosts can also make the chat inactive at anytime. And if needed, hosts can block a belligerent participant from the webinar.


Can I set up polls with WebinarNinja?

Yes, you can run multiple interactive polls on your webinar and get instant results. You can add multiple answer options too!


Can I display an offer on my webinars? 

Yes! You can easily create and display offers for your audience at any point during your webinar. You can also show and hide your offer whenever you like. You can even set your offer to display at a specific time during your live or recorded webinar.


Does WebinarNinja take care of email notifications to my webinar registrants?

Yes! We take care of all email notifications for you. We have customizable email templates built-in for you to use and edit to your liking.


Does WebinarNinja integrate with email and marketing platforms like Infusionsoft, ConvertKit & MailChimp?

Yes. We integrate with hundreds of apps via Zapier. We are also working on direct APIs with MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, HubSpot, ConvertKit, GetResponse, Drip & ActiveCampaign. These will be coming very soon.


Do I need to install any software on my website or computer?

No. WebinarNinja takes care of all the hosting. Members are given a custom branded URL ( where all their webinars will be hosted on our secure servers. All you need is an internet connection and a browser. We recommend Google's Chrome.


If I choose a plan now, can I upgrade later?

Yes! You can upgrade your plan at anytime right inside your account.


Am I locked into a plan or can I cancel at anytime?

You can cancel your account at anytime right inside your account settings- no questions asked. Plans are monthly or annual and are pre-paid. We do not offer any refunds for any used portions of your subscription.

Every subscription comes with a 14-day, free trial so you can try WebinarNinja with no obligation. You are only charged on day 15 for your membership.


Do you offer support?

Yes! We offer fast chat and email support 7 days a week.


Do you offer any tutorials or training materials?

Yes! We provide detailed support tutorials but we go even beyond that. As a member you get a personal orientation training to make sure you create and run your first webinar without a hitch.


Wow, you've answered a lot of my questions. But I have another question. How can I ask it?

We would love to hear from you! The fastest way to contact us directly with your question (or shower us with good vibes) is by using our support messenger, right here on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Or you can email us at