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Smile. Your search for a GoToWebinar alternative is over.

GoTo is unnecessarily expensive, out-dated and not originally designed for webinars. WebinarNinja has a single focus - to deliver the best Webinar platform at the best price. Unlike GoTo, we provide you with all the marketing tools like registration & thank you pages, email notifications and offers. There's no software to download for you or your registrants so unlike GoTo, joining the webinar is easy and uncomplicated. And, unlike GoTo where you can only run Live webinars, automated Webinars are included too with every plan of WebinarNinja. Even more money saved!


No fumbling with multiple screens

WebinarNinja streamlines everything so there's no clutter and no confusion when you're running your webinars. Upload your PowerPoint slides and control everything in one place.

No software to download

Unlike GoToWebinar, WebinarNinja runs right on your web browser, on any device- desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. With GoToWebinar, you and your webinar attendees need to download a software to participate in a webinar. This is a huge hassle causing you to have less attendees.

Your attendees can register and attend a webinar with WebinarNinja with a couple of clicks. Nothing to download. Zero hassles.   



WebinarNinja delivers great service. Their support team is very knowledgeable and deliver fast responses to my questions.

- Lakeisha R.


I love WebinarNinja! Your support team is super attentive and candid, while being helpful and professional. Thank you!
- Glen B.

Customer support you will ❤️

Our support ninjas are here to see you win with webinars. Get straight-forward, personal answers to your questions. Need step-by-step instructions as you're creating your webinars? With our in-app messaging, we always got your back!

Automated webinars included

Every plan with WebinarNinja includes Automated or Evergreen Webinars. With GoToWebinar, you are limited to only live webinars. With WebinarNinja, you can turn your past live webinar recordings into automated webinars in a few clicks. 


5 Reasons To Choose WebinarNinja Over GoToWebinar

1. No juggling screens. Everything you need is on one screen.

2.  Higher attendee limits for less money.

3. No software to install for you or your attendees. 

4. Create Automated / Evergreen Webinars at no extra charge.

5. Responsive, personal customer support you'll love.

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