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The TOKYO Method

Get more new clients from every webinar you host.
By Omar
Nov 24, 2016
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TOKYO Sales Method

We truly believe that Teaching Is the New Selling. Why? Because by teaching and sharing, you create trust. Trust means more leads, more sales, and better long-term brand loyalty.

So how do you build trust through teaching?

We created a system, based on our extensive experience running webinars, that consistently creates trust and drives sales.

Say hello to the TOKYO Method πŸŽ‰

T: Topic
O: Outline
K: Keynote
Y: Your Engagement
O: Offer

Watch the video below to learn how to implement this method in your webinars. But first, here's a quick introπŸ‘‡


Your topic is your promise for your webinar. To build trust, you need to fulfill your promise. To find a good topic, find the number one pain your customers are experiencing and offer them a solution.


Your Outline is your lesson plan. It keeps both you and the audience on track (and on the same page) during the webinar.


This refers to your presentation slides (they don't literally have to be on Keynote; it just works for the acronym). In the video I take you through our winning slideshow formula:

Transparent overview
Host slides
3 mic drop moments

Your engagement:

The more your engage, the more trust you build and the more you sell. Watch the video to learn how to implement what we call "The minute of power".


Bring it on home. Construct a concise offer that shows how the value of what you're selling far exceeds its price.

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