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Your On-Camera Presence

Commanding the (virtual) stage with Michael and Amy Port
By Omar
Nov 24, 2016
~ < 1 min read

Are you confident on camera? If not, no worries. Everyone needs a little advice and experience before they're truly comfortable in front of a crowd -- even a virtual one.

Michael and Amy Port, founders of the Heroic Public Speaking, have prepared a fantastic lesson that will help you connect with the people you're hoping to serve. In it, they share few practical tips on how to work with the camera, including how to use your body, your voice, and the structure of your presentation to make the best impact.

We’ve all heard that content is King, and yes, content is very important. But Michael and Amy will show you how when it comes to on-camera performance, contrast is king. Watch the video below and find out why! 👇

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