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Security Matters: 2-Step Verification for WebinarNinja

It’s a rough Internet out there. But we’ve got your back.

Starting today, WebinarNinja registration pages feature an extra layer of security, making it basically impossible for bots and online vandals to hijack your webinar or email list.

This security update is bad news for anyone who wants to use your webinar to promote crypto schemes or spam your audience with offers for natural male enhancement. But it’s great news for Webinar Ninjas!

The update requires webinar registrants to complete a new step when signing up, and securely confirm that they’re legitimate registrants — and not an algorithm designed to sell snake oil.

This step is super easy, quick, and well worth it for the extra level of protection.

Your customizable landing and registration page will be as effective as ever, with the same templates and features as before. Registrants will click to sign up just like they always did…

…but instead of going directly to your ‘Thank You’ page, they’ll be prompted to verify their email address with a randomly generated code.

WebinarNinja Secure Sign Up
WebinarNinja Secure Sign Up 2

You’ve seen these kinds of codes before, when you log into a secure email software or register your TV on your cousin’s Hulu account (Yes, we know all about that; but don’t worry, we won’t narc).

Once your registrant enters the code, they will then be redirected to your ‘Thank You’ page, where they can start getting excited about your presentation and add it to their online calendar.

That’s it!

Security = Job One

The unfortunate fact is, wherever great content — like your webinars — generates real interest, the ne’er-do-wells see an opportunity to take advantage.

Making WebinarNinja secure is non-negotiable. Without tight security, you can’t do business (and ultimately, neither can we).

By verifying registrants, this update protects two things:

  • Your webinars
  • Your email campaigns

During the pandemic, Zoom bombers demonstrated how the jerks out there can completely derail presentations meant to inform or build a brand. And if said jerks get into your email list, they can compromise your list and seriously damage your ability to conduct email marketing — potentially even saddling your sender address with a reputation for spam.

Not cool.

For us, nothing would constitute a greater failure than for you to lose the trust of your audience because we didn’t go the extra mile to secure your account.

And, as described above, the “extra mile” is more like an extra inch, in practice. In the end, your registrants are best served by your account being nothing less than 100% secure.

…unless they really want that natural male enhancement, of course.

We’ll continue to stay on top of the badguys’ latest tactics, and updating our security protocols accordingly.

As always, Ninjas can get up to speed on our latest updates page, and ask any questions directly to our Support Team using our in-app chat.

Your job is to focus on delivering the best lessons, presentations, and pitches using the world’s user-friendliest online teaching and marketing software. Our job is to make sure you can do so stress-free, by making sure it’s also the most secure.

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