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WebinarNinja Integrates with Anything. Thanks Zapier!

It’s official: WebinarNinja integrates with anything. I mean, not anything. It doesn’t integrates with your car or dishwasher…yet  But with a little help from another incredible company, WebinarNinja integrations are now…kinda limitless.

But thanks to Zapier, you can now connect your favorite digital marketing and sales tools to our platform for a seamless experience.

Our Zapier integration was in beta for some time. WebinarNinja members have been using it beautifully, and Zapier wanted to make it official. So without further ado, today is the official launch of the WebinarNinja/Zapier integration.

What’s Zapier, you ask? Oh, nothing much just the the tool for integrating with practically any app under the sun — 1,000+ apps to be exact.

So you might be thinking…”What does this actually mean for me?”

Some of you have been asking us if WebinarNinja integrates with tools like Convertkit, Mailerlite, Salesforce and Drip. Well now, the answer is yes! It’s super simple to integrate your CRM, email marketing software, Slack account, and anything else you need to capture, nurture, and convert your leads.

It only takes a few minutes to set up a “Zap” on Zapier to integrate your preferred app with WebinarNinja. With this integration, you will save hours (or even days) of work. Even better, the integration is automated indefinitely!

To get started, create a Zapier account. It’s totally free! Sign up here. Then, sign into your WebinarNinja account and head over to the integrations page. There, you’ll see your unique WebinarNinja API key for Zapier:

That key unlocks countless integrations via Zapier. Just follow our simple tutorial here.

From this day on, whenever you think, “I wonder if WebinarNinja integrates with…” you know the answer is likely a resounding YES! Except for…y’know, the dishwasher.

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