Webinars for Online Course Promotion: A Success Story

Success Story: Reaching out to a generation with webinars

Promoting online courses with webinars

John Orian started PlayAtCreation (PaC) to inspire the "Boomer" generation to live the second half of their lives fully, with guidance and education for their next (ad)ventures.

What's your mission?

The purpose of PaC is to inspire, train, guide, and support Boomers (recently retired or about to retire) to successfully create and operate meaningful ventures as the primary 'games' for the 2nd half of their lives, so that they can truly savour life.

We're going to live to 100, so we better create ways to pay our way and stay engaged!

How did you get started?

I launched PaC in 2015. It was originally meant to be just a blog to spread the message that we are here to play and to create. However, I realized that for it to be sustainable it would need to generate some income.

I had no idea how that income would be generated, but spreading that message is what I was called to do. So I launched.

How have webinars helped build your brand?

The automated webinar I created as part of the 1st 30-day Automated Webinar Challenge was my very first. I like it so much that I'll be creating an automated webinar every month in 2020, both for PaC and for our real estate project in Costa Rica.

By the way, that challenge that Omar led is the best online course I've done. I am truly appreciative.

What's your favorite thing about WebinarNinja?

The giving attitude shines through. I love the focus on customers and their needs that Omar displays.

It's such an easy system to use. I like that everything I need to gain clients through webinars is all in one place; and that the marketing and follow-up email sequences are provided.

The WebinarNinja support team is also awesome.

What's your ultimate goal?

The goal that I'm playing for is to have 1,000 ventures created by people who were inspired, trained, or supported by PlayAtCreation.

Where can people find out about your next webinar?

You can get the latest updates at playatcreation.com

Ready to become a webinar ninja?
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