Independent Marketing Consultant Grows Own Agency with Webinars

Success Story Interview: A financial planner turned independent marketing consultant uses webinars to build his agency

Independent Marketing Consultant Martin Bamford, Bamford Media

Martin Bamford of Bamford Media shows financial planners how to reach their clients with powerful content marketing -- and reaches his own clients with webinars.

What's your mission?

After a 20-year career in financial services, I created an agency to help Financial Planners engage with their ideal clients through the creation of authentic, valuable content.

We're working with Financial Planners who make a real difference to the lives of their clients, answering the big questions in life and delivering real peace of mind. It's incredibly rewarding work.

How did you get started?

Other Financial Planners were regularly asking for my help with their blogging, podcasting, and social media management, seeing the success we had within our Financial Planning business.

We first landed a keystone client, who funded the launch of the business and the initial lease of our offices. Since then we've grown steadily.

How have webinars helped build your brand?

One of my biggest challenges on day one was building my audience. I spent 20 years growing my profile with a predominantly consumer audience, so I had to shift that focus and engage with other Financial Planners.

We wanted to become known for our practical experience in financial services marketing, but also as thought leaders, never afraid to discuss innovative and exciting ideas.

Hosting a monthly webinar has been invaluable in bringing us a steady flow of inquiries, sometimes too many!

What's your favorite thing about WebinarNinja?

It's so simple to get up and running with WebinarNinja.

From scheduling a webinar to building a very effective landing page, and then uploading resources and going live, I love the simplicity and reliability of the platform.

What's your ultimate goal?

We want to become the go-to content marketing agency for Financial Planners in the UK, as we continue to grow our client list and do great work.

Where can people find out about your next webinar?

We list our upcoming and past webinars at You can follow me on Twitter at @martinbamford.

Ready to become a webinar ninja?
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