How Webinars Boosted an SEO Course Business

Success Story: An SEO expert uses webinars to promote her online courses

SEO Webinars: Kate Toon

Kate Toon is an SEO wizard who helps content creators learn how to rank higher in search engine results. She uses webinars to showcase her expertise -- and her cheeky, endearing personality.

What's your mission?

Although I have two different businesses, they share one mission: to empower small business humans to make more informed decisions in the digital marketing space.

I help e-commerce stores, small businesses, marketers, developers, and copywriters achieve this via The Recipe for SEO Success – an online learning hub for all things SEO and digital marketing with courses, resources, a membership, and a podcast.

I also run the Clever Copywriting School, which includes a directory, job board, shop, membership, courses, and a podcast.

Via my personal Kate Toon brand, I try to show the realities of being an entrepreneur -- not just the sexy stuff, but the coffee stain on the t-shirt, the dog barking throughout your webinar. Day to day life.

How did you get started?

I've worked in digital marketing for a long time, at agencies both here in Australia and in the UK.

Around 11 years ago I went out on my own and founded Back then I did all the things, but over time narrowed my focus to SEO and SEO Copywriting.

Around 5 years ago I moved towards passive income, launching The Clever Copywriting School and The Recipe for SEO Success, and I’ve slowly built these up.

Now over 9,000 people have taken my courses, and I have around 500 people in my membership.

How have webinars helped build your brand?

I began using webinars back in 2017 to build awareness of my SEO course offerings. I’d run small webinars of around 100 people teaching SEO basics.

The goal was to move them through to my free course, but also to build rapport and show my expertise. I also found them super useful for showing my personality; that I make SEO fun and a little bit cheeky.

What's your favorite thing about WebinarNinja?

Just one?

I like the end-to-end nature of the platform. I can do everything in one place; paid and free webinars, page set up, email. And it integrates with existing payments systems and my CRM.

Other solutions need to be held together with a mishmash of zaps! It’s clean and simple, and you can literally set up a webinar in about 12 minutes!I also love the customer service; they’re super responsive and open to ideas.

What's your ultimate goal?

Oh lord, that’s a biggy!

Business-wise, I’d like to continue doing what I’m doing: helping businesses build great digital marketing solutions in an honest, good karma way, with no tricks or skulduggery.

As my son grows older, I’d like to take the opportunity to travel more and continue to run my online business from anywhere around the globe.

Where can people find out about your next webinar?

Thankfully I’m pretty good at SEO, so if you Google Kate Toon you’ll find one of my websites. Or you can head to my hub site

I’m on socials @katetoon

I also run two free Facebook groups: The Kate Toon group for misfit entrepreneurs and the I LOVE SEO Group.

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