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Success Story: Using webinars to help build an HR consulting agency

HR Consulting via webinar

Through HR Answerbox, Amanda Haddaway helps businesses successfully navigate their Human Resources needs and create happier employees.

What's your mission?

Quite simply, to make better workplaces.

Our work makes managers' lives easier, keeps businesses in compliance, and saves time and money.

We believe that your employees matter. We also believe that happy, well-treated employees perform better, stay longer, and contribute to organizational success. When HR is done right (and we know a thing or two about that!), it adds value to the entire organization.

How did you get started?

In college I had an internship, and ultimately ended up in their HR department. Later, I became HR director for another firm. I did freelance consulting work over the years, and it got to a point where I needed to either back away from some of those projects, or pursue it more fully.

I decided to take the leap. HR Answerbox officially opened for business on January 19, 2016

How have webinars helped build your brand?

Webinars are an excellent lead generation tool.

By coupling WebinarNinja with email and social media marketing, I’ve been able to attract potential clients without having to do any hard selling.

What's your favorite thing about WebinarNinja?

The system is super easy to use, and I really like the automated webinars feature. It allows me to feel like I’m in multiple places at once.

My current webinar is running for the next month, and since I’ve set it up, I only have to do a little refresh marketing. My time can be spent working with current clients instead of feeling the need to run live webinars every day.

What's your ultimate goal?

I’m currently using webinars as a way to attract people to my New Manager Bootcamp program. My goal is to have 30 participants in each bootcamp.

Where can people find out about your next webinar?

You can visit I'm also on Faceboook and LinkedIn.

Ready to become a webinar ninja?
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