What is a Webinar?

A webinar, explained in plain English.

New to this whole webinar thing? Let’s start at the beginning!

Basically, webinars are the future of content marketing. Specifically, they’re simple online video workshops. They’re the best way to build credibility, earn trust, and develop the audience that’ll become your customer base. With the right platform and great content, you can parlay webinars into sales— and lot’s of ‘em!

For independent business people, webinars can be the key to standing out from the rest of the online crowd. That’s because they allow you to have a real conversation with your audience and demonstrate exactly what you’ve got to offer. They’re the closest thing to being face-to-face with the people who will be the bedrock of your business. Webinars are personal, intimate, and direct.

In other words, they’re effective!

And now, webinars are easy. Webinar software has evolved over the last few years to become more advanced, none more so than WebinarNinja. What makes our software different is one thing above all: user-friendliness. Once you’ve got the basics down, you can set up a webinar in seconds.

Here’s how, in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Create It

With WebinarNinja, you can create a new webinar in less time than it takes to update your Facebook status! From our Create New Webinar page, you simply enter a title, set a date and time, and it’s ready to roll! From there, you can edit details like the registration page and email notifications.

Naturally, you’ll have your own preparation regarding the specifics of your presentation, but the webinar and its link are ready when you are.

Step 2: Share It

Next, it’s time to invite your audience. You have two options regarding who can attend: private or public. A private webinar can only be attended by those you’ve invited yourself. You simply send them a link via email, they click it at the appointed time, and they’re taken to your presentation.

For maximum attendance, we recommend going public. You still invite specific people the same way, but anyone else who’s interested can still attend. Your original invitees can invite others, you can share the webinar via social media, and people can even find your webinar through our platform’s own index, the Webinar Finder. This search tool allows anyone to find the webinars they’re interested in, including yours!

WebinarNinja also includes easy-to-use social media share buttons. Essentially, the platform helps you to publicize.

Step 3: Host It

The webinar is created and shared. Now it’s time for the show!

Rest easy: WebinarNinja’s number one priority is taking the stress out of hosting. It’s simple. Our clean, intuitive controls and seamless tech make hosting a webinar as effortless as a phone call. Once you’re familiar with our platform, you’ll be able to focus completely on your message and its content, not on the software. You can host on camera, do a voiceover of a slide presentation or shared screen, or all of the above in combination.

It’s up to you, and it’s stress-free. You can upload slides, ads, images, and calls to action directly onto the platform. You can choose and modify the layout of your presentation. During the webinar, you can chat with your attendees, take instant polls, answer questions, even invite others to join in the presentation via their own webcams.

It’s as simple or elaborate as you choose to make it! However you decide to do it, WebinarNinja makes it a snap.

Your job is to have fun, enjoy it, and let the value of your content shine without worrying about the technical stuff. WebinarNinja records and saves your webinars, so you can offer replays for anyone who’s interested but couldn’t make the live presentation. It’s worry-free creating, sharing, and hosting.

You’ve got the passion. You’ve got the expertise. We’ve got the platform. Get started! 

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