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Show Your Webinar Time and Date in Registrant's Time Zone

A convenient way to make registration easier.
By Omar
Jul 8, 2019
~ 3 min read
Show Your Webinar Time and Date in Registrant's Time Zone

We've just released a practical and sanity-saving feature: our automatic timezone converter for all your registration pages, email notifications, and more.  

If there is one thing we all can agree on, it's that time zones are crazy confusing! 

Even the word itself makes you scratch your head- is it time zones or timezones? But more importantly, have you ever tried to figure out what time & date your webinar would be in Fiji? 

Yeah. Exactly.
We decided that it's time to stop counting on our fingers!  We made it super simple for your registrants to know exactly when your webinar is in their local timezone. How? Magic!

Actually...hours of engineering, but it's basically magic. Here's how it works...

When people visit your registration page, no matter where they are in the world, they will see a handy link by your webinar date and time to allow them to convert it to their local timezone.

In this example, this webinar is created in PDT timezone, but the registrant is registering in Sydney, Australia (AEST).

WebinarNinja automatically detects where in the world they are and offers to convert the time and date in their local timezone. So cool!

This new feature is now live and will show on all your past, present and future registration pages for all webinar types- Live, Automated, Series and Hybrid. 

But that's just the start. Your registrants' local time zone is saved in our system and their local date and time is displayed to them for:
👉 The thank you page

👉 The Add To Calendar feature

👉The webinar page

👉 The webinar replay page

👉 All their email notifications and reminders

Your webinar registrants and attendees will love you forever for never having to make them do any time zone conversions again.

Wondering when is the best time for a webinar? With over a million webinars that have been run on WebinarNinja, we did all the research for you! You can learn all about it in this blog post.

Where did we get such a brilliant idea? From our brilliant users!

We take user feedback seriously and have been able to make WebinarNinja the most powerful and easiest webinar platform to use for training and coaching because of it.

The best way to experience how easy and effective our new time zone converter is, is to give us a spin for free. Yup! Get started for free with our Free 14-day trial.. Run your first webinar on us!

You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel right inside your account at anytime, no hoops to jump through.
Plus, if you need any help along the way, we provide free training and helpful support. 
Give us a try for free today. 

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